Yeah, like wtf dude? Stop bullshitting us and just be in real life.

Well, last night when I wanted to go to sleep early, which is failed miserably, I saw one of my favorite youtube channel Kurzgesat/In a nut shell (you probably should follow these guys), post this video (up there).

I have a client that doing something about stem cells (site is still underdevelopment), but this is a whole another level above that. If you just watched through the video, you probably have realized that this is gonna be happening in our life time. Yeah, the possibility is staggering as fuck… *queue the music pls*

When I was young and stupid, I never though that the world we living at that time won’t change as much as this. I remember around 18 years ago, me and my parents still queue up on official ‘Wartel’ just to made a call to my granma. Now? I can just move my lazy as hand on 5″ screen and talk to my sister face 10000+ Km away. Can you imagine how drastic the change is? It’s less than 2 decade!

In the following decade, there’ll be human landing on Mars, establishing 1st human colony in the outer space. Artificial intelligence will arriving sooner than we expected. Robots will be common feature of homes, offices, and factories. And designer babies will be arriving somewhere in 2050s. If you watched Gattaca, that is the life is coming to us. Designer babies will become like today’s vaccinated babies.

Adapt or die, my friends. Don’t waste your time and start movin’ that ass to work.