Cue on da music!

(Yes, this is Beatles remix. Good shit, right?)

Making derivative product from the original one (like remix above) is usually adding more value on top of the original stuff. Me my self is a fan of remix tracks (check on my soundcloud playlist šŸ˜‰ ). Civilized-ly, people ask the original maker permission of they are okay when someone make something out of their thingĀ (thingyception as they say). The owner then grant the permission (usually with given cut on the profit, if it’s commercial. Or not, if they ask them nicely enough) to do so. If permission not granted, then off you go to uncharted oceanĀ of creation!

The dude's remix on Clean bandit's song is Sick!
The dude’s remix on Clean bandit’s song is Sick!


When the people who want to make a derivative product do such thing without any permission, and then sell it to public and label “Made by motherfucker me my self, no I’m not ripping anybody at all, trust me I’m an honest and the best guy you can find!”, well ladies and gentleman, this type of guy is a descendant of a Pirate (the fuckin’ lazy one, not the rubbery that are going to get the one thingy piece in the end of grand line if you know what I’m sayin’ šŸ˜‰ ). This kind of people are not gonna respect our creation or any of your hardwork. They are just gonna take everything for granted. So, avoid these people at all cost. I’ve learned my lesson and now I’m telling you so you’re not gonna waste your precious time. Time.

I’m not telling that I build my works by sheer wisdom fromĀ the sky, no. As one of my passive mentor (This mean I closely follow this guy even though he doesn’t know at all, and no this is not at any point classify as a stalking activity as long as he is damn famous) Thomas Ridgewell, “Originality is just a lot of stealing”.

As long as it's not about taking taxpayer's money....
As long as it’s not about taking taxpayer’s money….


This mean as long as you can create something out of a loooot of thing until almost no one cannot identify the source of the mix-match, then congratulation! You’ve created some original shit dude! xD

And always if weĀ are a fair player, credit the person who inspired you to create your thing! This is a win-win situation where he/she will be glad someone that is hardwork enough and love his/her work and Ā big time is gonna support us! No shit captain! I’ve been there! And always credit people that inspired my work (on my youtube, soundcloud, and website you can track the source of them, hopefully you’ll like them too šŸ˜€ ). Yeah, never piss off the person who own the original stuff, nope, don’t even try to think about that. Odin him self isĀ gonna crush us and our works by not being an honored sailor on the oceanĀ of creation.

This is super fun, you should try one day.
This is super fun, you should try one day.

We all people living above land than have been lived by thousandsĀ of people before us. The is almost nothing that is 100% original. It will always based on something, whether it is something that people build, or dinosaurs. As long as we can respect each other works, make something awesome and valuable for people, and not wasting the fucking thing behind our very eyes that distinct our species from a goat, we all are gonna be fine.

Keep up the good work!

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