This is actually for personal matter, but I hope someone can take some benefits from my self reflection. As always, cue da music!

Lots of stress, conflict on relationships, uncontrolled tempers, sleepless nights, overdue projects, nagging clients, rainy weather, unknown anxieties, distraction distraction and more distraction. That were pretty much typical tsunami that have been wiping out my productivity recently. I need to go back to the FLOW, get back my fast-paced work, and clear out the cloudy-state of my mind.

So I decide to take a step back, and put everything on a blank of paper and write down all my concerns (P.S: when I said writing on paper, I mean typing words on screen. Writing down stuff will be useless for me since my writing is exceedingly awesome for normal ass people, including me myself).

I’m gonna break it down into 3 steps.
Clarify my passion, pull down the benefits of doing it, and look on my table what card that can make sure it is doable.

  • Is what I do already my passion?

By definition, passion is something that people do, without the need of being paid to do what they do. So basically, people need to really love what they do, not necessary fun thing in the eyes of majority, in order that thing to be a passion. A passion will fill out their head most of the time, they will seek time to do what they passionate of, even if it will hinder other stuff. Why? because that is what they are living for. Passion’s what define someone.

What I’m doing now is I code for living. I didn’t think that i like code that much. but I like pattern, logic, and all the stuff that make something better. Code is definitely categorized as one. But I’m more of making stuff happen. I like to make stuff, even if It’s not coding. Youtube video, electronic music, blog post, business, anything. As long as it’s considered as creation, I’m all for that.

I can’t deny code make all the creation process much more efficient, progressive, and manageable. 80% of stuff that usually people need to make stuff is achievable with code. There is 1 person that I consider as my “Passive mentor” build 5 or so startups, one of them become really really big, and he does not have any employee at all. Just one man, making stuff with thousands line of code. That’s a hell of a productive man.

In short, I didn’t like code as I like to play video games or listening some music, but because code can really help me to make stuff, and I love making stuff, I aligning myself to be passionate on coding at the moment.

All I care is the moment of creation.

  • What do I get from what I do now?
  1. I just started to code more less a year ago, and I can afford my self for living by coding since last May. So It’s been 5 months I am financially independent because my ability to code, even  I’m still a beginner. It’s still a long way to go so I can really bring a lot value with it, but this definitely a viable way to afford my living cost so long my learning process.
  2. I love to make stuff and code help me to make stuff much more efficient. I actually already plan this one. By building web development business, the skills I will gain will be the foundation for a bigger thing that I want to make: Tech Startup.
  3. As discussed, ability to code is really helping a person to make stuff. I’ve seen a lot of company become so efficient that its previous just because they change their infrastructure system into an IT system. Lots of IT based companies bypass much older companies. So this kind of hard skill is worth even more in the upcoming years. Even if my business ceased to exist somehow, I will always understand how to code and that can save me from being broke. The demand of IT skill is risen exponentially year by year, where the supply of “Good” programers unable to caching up. So basically my business and my skill are considered as gold-type commodity by most companies.
  4. By coding, I’ll be more rational and logical person. It sharpen my pattern recognition and analytic skill. That will help me to make better stuffs in the long run.
One of the most important skill in 21st century.

  • What aspects that can support what I do now to really succeed in doing it?
  1. I’m more of a rational and logical type of person. I’m good at math and pattern recognition. That’s is for sure a good trait for a coder.
  2. I consider myself as a fast-learner. I able to cram 1 semester worth of exam material in 4 days and pass, where a lot of my friend still fail after attending the whole semester. I build my web development business with less than a year experience on code, where a lot of computer science graduates cannot even get a job.
  3. I have a pretty good taste, so that’s gonna help me on designing a website/app.
  4. Sarah, my girlfriend also has a pretty good taste, which is gonna help me a lot to learn a better way to design stuff. She’s also really good with her designing tools, which is a great thing on my web development business.
  5. Sarah handle most of the marketing and management stuff, where as I’m in charge on programming and system infrastructure. Hiring some talent might be useful, but stay lean is the best choice since this is not the last train that we’ll ride on.
  6. I do not have any obligation/responsibility on other people/stuff yet. So I’m free as a bird to pursue what I always wanted. Big plus on time resource.
  7. I do not have any significant debt that consuming my income, so I can solely focus on my skill development.
  8. I consider my self as visionaries person. I know why, how, and what exactly I want.
I need to be thankful more for what I have.



I think I’m in good condition 🙂