Log 005.

I should’ve write this one last night, but I’ve just finished meeting up with client at 00.00 midnight. I didn’t want to write the post half pregnant, so I forced my self to sleep to maintain my circadian circle.

Meeting “The Hustler”

When meeting up this client last night, I actually wasn’t prepared at all with typical people. Before we met, they mention that they want to develop an online web store for their fashion brand. For that, I believe I’ve got it covered. BUT, when we finally met up, I didn’t know that this guy is also a digital startup hustler! He suddenly started talking about his Fintech startup that he and his partners have run since last year, already got funding, and want to develop the site with us.

My fucking god! The fact that I’ve got a chance to help a startup, let alone a funded Fintech startup founded by this awesome hustler, to develop their platform, is mind fucking blowing. Everything I’ve been learned for the past 3 years, about financial, startup, and digital world, is starting to come through. Also, this guy, I really like this guy, like a lot. I felt like this is my potential business partner that want to work with for a long game. He has been through a lot, but his energy was blowing out, even though the fact that he was under the weather. I secretly felt ashamed for my self by not yet leveling up his work ethic, yet grateful by meeting this kind of person, so I can learn a lot more than before from him.

Still, it’s a first meeting and impression. anything can happen in between. But if he is real, like really real person, I really wanna work with him for a long time. I believe we can achieve something really big.

Working for Free

This startegy, that I learned a lot by watching Dailyvee and Askgaryvee alot, is starting to grow on me. Most of the people didn’t get it why they have to work for free if you can work and get paid. There is killing statement to justify this one.

“Working for free on your term VS Working to get paid dick with our limited skill is not comparable”.

This is absolutely amazing way to jump start ANY career that’ve you dreaming for years. This is what make ungodly amount of talented people where they are now. I didn’t have time to give bunch of example for this idea, but consider like oliver and wilbur wright, The brotherhood who invented the motherfucking airplane. They didn’t have the talent yet, they didn’t have money or fame. They just got their dicks, huge willpower, and a fuckton of hardwork. If somehow they signed up to kickstarter.com they wanted to build this “flying machine bird” to make us travel through the sky, I promise you we’ll never fly like today. Why? because THERE IS SOMEONE like that doing like i told you.

Samuel Pierpont Langley was the one people expected to invented the airplane. But he didn’t do it because of it was his dream, he just wanted to get the money and fame. He got the skill, everyone following him, but at the end he failed. he didn’t even wanted to help Oliver and Wilbur Wright after they actually invented the thing!

So yeah, by daring to work for free, you’ll know whether the stuff you want to work on, is your real passion, or not. If it is, You’ll gladly working on it without expecting any reward. Why? because the work it self is the reward! That’s what Garyvee, Pewdiepie, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and most of the relevant businessman, inventor, artist, and else do.

Me my self still had tons of home work for that, but being aware of these thing is a good start 🙂

Work for free, be aware of your REAL passion, hustler hard, and then, you’ll realize the secret of the creation it self, my friend.