Log 009.

I learned quite a lot today in terms of entrepreneur-wise and programmer-wise.  Still, even though I knew I can do more than I did today, I won’t punish my self because that’s not gonna help at all. It’s a bad habit of not feeling enough of my self that I need to erase in order to channel the emotion to something that much more important.

Fuck my mind is so complicated. I believe no one knew that my mind is this cloudy. That’s why I need to be on the dirt as often as I could like writing this on blog and doing everything I think I can pull through.

Loving the Cloud

Cloud and Dirt is a theory from Garyvee. The boring words in corporate levels is Vision and Mission. So yeah, cloud is the big picture of why you do what you do. Dirt is the actual thing of what you do, and how you do it. I am still learning a lot to execute the dirt because I am aware that I lack of execution, too much planning & strategizing.

For this topic, cloud is what I think I capable more than people around me. This is why I often being an accidental leader, or people subconsciously lean to me as leader because typical cloud person is easily impressing people with his/her point of view, how their thinking process works, and simply finding the pattern.

But today I realized (or remember) that aware of my cloud is not enough. Loving the cloud that I personally aiming is important. Loving, is the act of self sacrificing to something/someone. If I didn’t love the cloud, even though the cloud is cool, smart, valuable, or whatever, I cannot turn it into Dirt, which I currently lack of. This is what I have to learn for the following days. Learn to love the cloud, for whatever it be.

Put in the Code

Today I worked a lot on client revision site, current client project like Velowce.com, which I think I can make it one of the better portfolio of mine, and also learning to deal with potential client from France.

I hate revision. Feels like the client didn’t respect the work that I do. Yeah, I know it is wrong feeling, I’m still managing it. But I think this is good because day by day I learn what actually my clients need better. I just can’t hope I can cashing in soon because I need to put in the work/code more than actually they paid for.

Even like current project Velowce.com, I gave a discounted price to my good friend, David. I knew I will have to put more work that normally do, but I believe I will earn more ability to be patient and trust on my client in the future if I can pull a great site for his project.

Once in the blue moon, there will be an out of nowhere client who offer a completely different project. This is actually a really good opportunity for me to learn alot, because almost 50% of the stuff they wanted in the website is new to me. So yeah, If I just think long-term, I would take the project without hesitation. But, I am not standing on my self. Me and Sarah have to be practical because we are not a student anymore. We have to get enough pays to cover the bills.

I hope the dude won’t haggle the price down anymore :3

As I discussed it before, Love your Cloud, Hustle Hard, my friend.