Log 002.

Keep the good work isn’t as easy as it sound. I love when people said that stuff. It seems like they care about what you’re up to and believe you can do it. But most of the time, it’s our self that deteriorate from the best version of it. Not that I didn’t work hard like yesterday, but I think I can manage to increase my workload more. Man, working over 12 hours, even in the weekend where all the people seems enjoying “life”, is definitely not a piece of cake (I like cheese cake btw).

Thankfully, I still manage to log over 13 hours work time today, even-though a grim financial condition is on the corner. That I need to fix in 6 days in order to get on. Fuck. You think running business is fun? If yes, all people would drive a Lamborghini right now. Still, It’s a weight to be carried on for such a young guy and girl who have the audacity of owning a business, without no leverage at all.

The good news of the day is, I kinda, sorta have a clue why my website development business hasn’t rising up as I imagine it would be. We’re in the middle of re-branding our business (name, logo, websites), and it took quite resource of time and money to do it. But, I have a funny feeling, that all of these will have little to no impact to our condition. It’s not the logo/name/look that make people want to hire us, It’s the actual business as a whole.

So far we gain our clients just from good pricing, good overview products, an okay marketing, and a good sales. That is more that enough to sell products, let alone a branded goods (if we act as a retailer). But as a service provider, we ought to deliver much more than that. Starting from they found us, until post-sales.

Why? Because we’re a business that offer services, not products. If we’re offer products, people will at least flock on us to buy the product (When the product is actually good), even the experience is so so. But when it’s a service, experience is the numero uno. Yes we need a lot less capital to do that, but the skill requirement is higher than a simple retailer. I realized me and my girlfriend often watch movies in premiere cinema with a good sofa, lot less people, blanket on, and overall exceptional experience even-thought it cost twice as the ordinary cinema. Twice. The product is the same, nothing added to the actual product, which is the movie.

This is a clue that I get just from reading 2 articles out of thousands about “how to sell a web development services”. So yeah, big, big overhaul is needed to fix this mistake. Hopefully we could find a good strength of our-self to balance this out.

Work hard, my friend.