Log 007. I’m feeling under the weather.

I shouldn’t stress about this a lot because this is not a good memory to remember, but I think I can mark this point as a condition where my mentality is struggling to work against my weak body. As I said yesterday, pain is weakness leaving the body. This is good, even though I have to sleep 10 hours last night. And I actually feel sad! This is the first time to regret that I have to rest more than usual 😀

You can do it Faldano, just be patience.

Coworking Space

I overslept today as my body was breaking down, but when I woke op, I was surprised that me and my team on my new business, decided that we get a chance to establish a coworking space! Yihaaaa!

This is actually a great idea, because aside we can save the money by “Uber”ing our office, we can get a really good networks from around the city, we can raise our brand as digital agency, we can use a marketing tactic which only enabled if we got a big space, and so on.

Me and Sarah actually had a dream  about establishing a coworking space while running our agency, but we know we got lack of funding and inital network. Lucky, our new partners in this business are former bankers. So yeah, tons of connections and leverages are in our hands to be played ^^

Foto Produk Katalog

We’ve always got new ideas about business that’s good to run, right? But none of them will mattes without EXECUTION. There’s a bunch of running business with a shitty products/ services, but they always manage to get money in. Why? Because EXECUTION!

This is one of the reason we execute this business. One of my best pal, Harry (potter), was graduated from university, and he managed to fly back to Indonesia in order to executed his agriculture startup. As we know it all, starting a startup is NOT practical as newbie businessman because you’ll face a lot of trouble, starting from unknown market, lack of funding, high-expected growth, and motherfucking big patience as no body is well educated enough about you new ass product.

Seno, also one of my best pal for decades, had an idea that we can run a “Product Photography” business, because he see the opportunity in his industry, online fashion store. Harry is a great photographer, Sarah is experienced marketer, seno is a good hustler. There you go! A solid team 🙂

Two weeks running, and we’ve good a really good attentions from online store owners across the country because we use the “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” strategy. I learn it from my trustee Garyvee, who believe that if we give a Tons of value without expectation of returns, we subconsciously create a huge leverage in our potential clients in the future that no other competitors had.

This is what we actually do. We blast a message via social media in our small medium enterprise networks that we will give a product photograph service for free, without any requirement AT ALL. Then suddenly, a week later, we’ve got our car fully loaded with products from all kinds of business xD. “This is stupid! Why do you want to work for free??”. For this one is free, but in return we actually got a gazillion portfolios, potential clients, cross marketing opportunity with our current business ( fashion production service, online store development service, and endless b2b service/product marketing space). There is actually some customer that wanted to paid us already, without knowing any of our portfolio, which we don’t have yet.

This is business done right, kiddos. Thanks Garyvee.