Log 003 Baby!

I successfully logged 14 hours of work time today which is Fucking Awesome! I know it feels exaggerated, but I feel that I’m improving bit by bit to keep work harder. In the past, I always fool my self that I could always work smarter to compromise my hard work, which is pretty fucking stupid as we know it lol. Of course we need work both harder AND smarter!

Mobile Apps Development

This morning me and Sarah were attending a free seminar about Mobile Apps Development. I get that from referral of my friend (which is he didn’t come), and have an expectation that i’m gonna learn something about HOW to develop a Mobile Apps. Well, turn out it’s completely 180 degree. It’s just a sellout of an APP BUILDER from a company, which using MLM business system in order to make them money. LOL.

Apart from this joke, I still fascinating that they could still make quite a huge sales (I assume by looking their appearance) with a substandard product quality (If I may compare to other competitor). They make a smart move though, by targeting much lower market than a normal mobile app dev clients, dumb down the process (and product), and still delivering the only core benefit of mobile apps, which is a better efficiency and even real effective result  (in some cases) if compared to websites.

What I mean by that is PUSH NOTIFICATION. You know, the one that let you know if something (or someone) give you a sign from your smartphone that there is a new information, which is a big deal for a lot business. It is the real purpose of their marketing strategy! If It’s only website, all you can do to let your customer know something happen is by email subscription, another step on social media promo, or passively wait until they check your website. With apps, you can literally ping them and send message to thousands of their customer instantly, “Hey, there is another dumb fucking clothes that we think you desperately need. Wanna buy?”, right on their phones.

So yeah, I’m thinking to include this service (of course only for applicable clients) for my another business, which is gonna be new topic for the next post.

New Business

Yes, me and Sarah are going to launch new service provider business, which is more on helping middle up business owner to progress more with It solution. It’s actually a derivative product of my web development service, but more personalized, more customize-able, and overall upping our games in IT industries. I’m gonna step up as CEO rather than just a web developer like in Waruga before, which is I stupidly made quite lot of mistakes. I should’ve trained my sales pitch while still in Waruga. It’s okay, nothing is too late. I know i can do it, because somebody out there can do it too.

We’ll see how CEO Faldano roll. Keep hustling, my friend 🙂