Log 013.

I am currently 24 years old. As you can already see in your own social media’s feed. There might be a lot of 20’s people who’ve already got a good life. They might have a well-paid job, run a success business, often have holidays, superb career, millions of followers on their social medias, even become a celebrity out of nowhere. Anything that’s sound fun to do for young adults. Yes, they might have better life than ours.

But what the fuck it has to do with our life? Nothing’s gonna change by comparing each other’s life. Every single one has unique situation. It is better to do yours that to compare shit and depressed after.

Every second you think about what other people got, is a waste of every second you’ve got to put value on your life. We’re still in our 20’s fellas. With current medical technology, we can live over 80 years old. That’s 3X life of your entire current life! So I believe it is too fucking early to give up, or just passing through life you’ve got now.

Hustling to the Max

So me and Sarah have been so fucking productive for the last 4 weeks. We both clock over 14 hours of work consistently and I personally we can hold on this damn good work ethic for the better. Breaking down what we’ve done:

  1. Hustling better target market and developing websites for clients on Waruga.
  2. Preparing brand transition of Waruga to Lowentor (potentially in couple months).
  3. Launching and Running first Foto Produk Katalog‘s marketing campaign with Seno & Harry.
  4. Researching and planning the upcoming Business Tour & Travel to Germany in September, also with Seno & Harry.
  5. Developing our personal brands, Faldano.com & Beisarah.de.
  6. Establishing foundation for PT. Digital Media Investindo with our partners from financial industry.
  7. Developing Kredibis website, a peer-to-peer lending, typical fintech startup for PT. DMI Portfolio in financial industry.
  8. Proposing Kadin Jawa Barat (West Java Chamber of Commerce) for a collaboration in building new co-working space (Which we’re going to do this day).

So yeah, sometimes I wish there 96 hours in a day or there is a cloning machine for us.

I believe by putting the work, putting off the leisure, I can improve upon my self for real. There is no such overnight success. There is no real 8 weeks course how to become a millionaire. Fuck that. This is a marathon, not a mere 100 meters sprint. Even my work is potentially not gonna give me great result as I want for the next 2, 4, 6 years. Time is the ultimate resource that somehow everybody forget about.

So as Garyvee said, macro patient, micro fast, my friend.