Backing up my words, even it is a bit late (11 weeks late to be precise. Forgive my Gary).

I am starting my journal as a documentation process. It’s hard to start, because I got nothing but flawed persona of my ideal self. I know someday i’ll look back to this note and laugh while wondering, “Why the fuck I was not progressing fast enough?”. My reply to my future-self is “No Regret! Everything has its own story. This is your story, buddy 🙂 “.

So yeah, Today I feel I was revived from my worst. It’s because I face my first failure on my webdev project (or should I say its my client’s stupidity?). Anyway, it doesn’t matter. What matter is that it remind me that the path is not smooth nor easy to walk. I remember Garyvee once said, “If it was so easy, if it was so damn easy, don’t think all people choose this path?”. That’s make a goddamn sense to me.

Therefore I some how force my self to be gratitude and regret at the same time. I don’t know how I did it, but i think because I tune to Garyvee alot while working, like, A Lot. I feel more energized, more focused, more self-aware, even I worked more hours than my averages for the last 3 months. This is going really great. I really want to remember this moment to remind me that I’m able to crush the day. So please Faldano, keep this mentality long last, okay? Learn to be patience, to be positive, to be self-aware of your long term goal, to be grateful of what you have, I promise you, bit by bit, you’ll also learn how to be happy in this world.

I determined to make a post every single day. Mark. My. Word.

Next up: New 2 biz, Learning Joomla, New Waruga Name Replacement, and stuff.