Log 014. There is 2 kind of pre-proposal here. One is about co-working space collaboration with West Java chamber of commerce. One is about my relationship with Sarah to her parents.

We got one life, my friend. Do something about it. It is better to take a shot, fail, and learn from that mistake, than being indecisive, never knew the result, and regret about it for the rest of your life. That is gonna be the worst thing that can happen. Regret from not doing shit, when you actually can do shit.

Chamber of Commerce Co-Working Space

For the last couple of weeks, me and my partners at PT. DMI (short from Digital Media Investindo), planned to collaborate with our local chamber of commerce(KADIN Jabar) to build a co-working space for local SMEs. We believe this is perfectly aligned with KADIN Jabar core visions & mission. Well, truthfully yes we will use this collaboration mostly for our purpose which is:

  1. Save money on office rent (by getting money from co-working space services fee).
  2. Networking with local SMEs easily.
  3. Branding (Which entrepreneurs does not like co-working spaces?)
  4. Selling Digital Investindo Services (web development and stuff)
  5. Promoting our fintech project, Kredibis.com which actually targeting local SMEs itself.

These all the benefit for ourselves from the collaboration, aside from our intention to actually helping SMEs. Well, we are helping SMEs for sure, but still to be practical, business has to be profitable for the longevity of the purpose.

All and all, we kindda expect this is gonna be quite easy shot, which is of course, we forgot that KADIN Jabar are mostly filled with practical business persons, who concerning about the profitability of co-working space. For your information, co-working space is one of the hardest business model to be profitable, because the core function of it is catering new, growing, inexperienced business/startup, which of course has lack of profit it self.

To be honest, we are quite naive to expect one of the most practical organization in the province, wanted to do this kindda thing.  But we still believe we can do this, this is not done yet. We get a shot to prove our practicality tomorrow. There is a business meeting with 27 German company’s delegation who are looking for a partnership in West Java. If somehow we can help them closing deals with local businessman, they (KADIN) sure wanna help us with this collaboration project.

Let’s see what happen tomorrow.

Relationship with Sarah

For the record, me & Sarah have been together for ages. Since 2010 we’ve been through a lot of phases. This is time to get into a more serious level of relationship for god sake. I know I am the man (no sexism intended), and I have to take the initiation. It was just that I believe we both have to be financially secured first in order to take this on a serious note.

But after our discussion last day, with this kindda path (entrepreneur path), nothing is secured. We are in a marathon journey where we need to do this business for quite a long time and have a good level of patient in order to get a real permanent result. Yes we’re already able to cover the bills and all with our newly founded businesses, but we had our own expectation.

That was also one of my big fault, having too big of an expectation from being an early entrepreneur. There is no way I would get a shit ton of money without having a real experiences, long hardwork, or hitting the lotto. So I think fuck it, I’m just gonna tell her parents that I wanna marry her. I’m here for a serious business. Proposing to her parents and succeeding my business are two different things anyway. And I believe her parents will understand better that mine since hers are also self employed/businessman & woman.

I’m not gonna tell the detail of it, but in short, her parents bless us and recommending us to be married as soon as possible. They tell us that what ever things what we’ve worked on, will eventually come to be fruitful after we married. I think that was what happen to them as well. It feels fucking good to hear a positive response, especially from your future parents in law 😀

So yeah, my next step is actually bring this info to my parents, which is the real deal problem (story of its own later on). Sorry for the long post, I just feel there is a lot to put on the log and I’ve miss quite a lot of logs lately :p

Once again, you only live once, my friend. Do something about it.