Log 015.

Saturday midnight. I can’t remember when the last time I had a proper weekend. I remember I often watched some good movies, or even played video games. God It felt good to have the luxury! Wasting time on stuff :D.

But now, I have to realized that time is the true luxury. The real resource that cannot be recycled. I have to manage it properly, even though I know I have already stared quite early in this game, “The Game”. I kindda treat this actually like video game, so It seems like almost nothing to lose and having fun along the process, just like playing video game as I used to.

This weekend, I spent almost entirely on screen, working on client’s project since last day. This would not happen if I haven’t realized the actual goal of “The Game”. I used to play as effective and as efficient as possible to finish the game so I am good on almost all video games I ever played. Funny I didn’t act like that in the real one. But now I do accordingly.

In video games, I often never knew when Its gonna end, but most of the time I’m expect that it’s gonna take at least weeks to get through it. That’s why I always manage the in-game resource so that I can last through the game and also get as much experience as possible through out the journey.

This is what I am trying to applied in “The Game”, where I should not expect that I will make it in short-time. Therefore, I have to use especially my time, where I can get the most of experience in order to get the best long term effect.

I cannot waste my resource on watch movies, playing games, taking vacation, binging youtube, eating fancy, buying expensive useless stuff, because those all are short term gain. Nothing will give we the effect that I can use in the next 5-10 years. What I can do for that is working more hours on my coding skill, designing skill, saving money to upgrade my business hosting server, hustling on social media, meeting new people, all that does not give an instant gratification.

Everything has to be done in every minute I have, without delay. This is time efficiency in steroid.

I used to do this vice versa, which is expecting stuff happen fast enough, but tricking my mind by working smart, I should not do as much, which is pretty fucking stupid if you think about it. I was starting my previous company back in 2013 and I expected my life is gonna change by 2015 or so. Fuck I was so naive.

This is not easy, I should not expect it easy either and I have to treat this as a marathon, not a 100 meters sprint. It’s gonna be “The Long Game”, my friend.