Log 008. I am fully aware that I miss a week worth of logs.

Don’t be too hard with ourselves.

I know it is not good to slack off our works, especially in the early days. I understand that as a maker, we should consistently put out content to keep productive, learning day by day, and so on.

But the thing that I believe more important is to be a fan of ourselves. we will not move fast without loving ourselves first.

It is easy to like someone who has a excellent traits, likable character, la la la. But the thing is, when someone start something, it is not gonna be the same like in the movie, where the lead character already had an awesome skills or talent. We are flawed, unskilled, dumb fucking person at starting point. Almost no body is gonna support somebody like that, so we have the obligation to do it for our selves. It will devastating our personal mind if even our selves hate what we are.

Accept our short coming, learn from the mistakes, and move forward. That is the fastest way to grow our selves. Stop overthinking the mistakes, or guilt-tripping our selves, stop punishing our selves. That’s just gonna make further set back. JUST. MOVE. FORWARD.

So yeah, log 008, here I continue the documentation process ๐Ÿ˜‰

Foto Produk Katalog

I believe that I’ve mention before that me and Sarah,ย Harry, and Seno started a new business line that helping SME to photograph their products.

We started it last month as a practical business for our good friend Harry after he graduated his collage in Giessen, Germany. He is really good at photograph, it is his passion since high school. Seno know that there is a potential market to serve, and I personally believe that this can be cross-sold with our already established business. So why the fuck not run it? ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is the typical photo that we think the market need for their business.

We kick-started the business with garyvee theory of jab jab jab right hook. So we run a free product photograph promo campaign in purpose to reach out our target market directly and collecting our early portfolios as fast as possible. Since it almost didn’t cost anything to create a creative product photo, we able to create as much photo as we could fit in our spare time in between our schedules. It also good opportunity for online shop owners to get a free marketing content from us ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was crazy that the campaign works! Our Instagram grow to 1300, line@ to 200, and 40s business owners participated with hundreds of their products sent to our office, all in less that 2 weeks! That’s pretty fucking awesome compared if we started selling right away with dick. Even now some of the participants already asked our pricing. I smell money on the corner xD

So yeah, Thanks to Garyvee, and of course our handwork, the game is a foot.

Stay Awesome, Hustle Hard, my friend.