Log 010. Document, instead of Create.

It is not about showing people how good we are.
It is not about letting people know that we are exceptional compared to others.
It is not about proving to people that we can make great things.
It is not about getting all the flashy stuff.
It is not about telling we are gonna do it.
It is not about us nor the goal it self.


It is about showing our future selves how we did it.
It is about letting our future selves that we were evolving.
It is about proving to our future selves that we were in the process of making great things.
It is about getting our future selves the ability to owned the flashy stuff at that time.
It is about telling our future selves that we were doing it.
It is about the journey to become our future selves.

And since it is on the internet, the world bound to acknowledge it, eventually.

Be fast on dirt, be patient on cloud, my friend 🙂