Log 004.

Today’s an exhausting day.

Establishing New Company

This day we did formed up a new company legally as Perseroan Terbatas with some of new people we meet in Bandung. Well not entirely “new” of course, we’re not crazy, yet. Usually we formed a new business with friends or relative, this time is completely fresh people. Of course there are some big reasons why we decide to do it.

First of all, what the new company will do is still in our favorite industry, Internet, but this time is married with Financial Industry. I always wanted to do Fintech(Financial Technology) startup for quite some time, I think it was because in 2015, Me and my former colleague, Mega, won the first DBS(a Major Singaporean Bank) Hackaton in Jakarta. It was my first hackaton, with minimum experience of coding, And we made it. Somehow this subconsciously made me think “I guess I can pull of a successful Fintech startup in the future”.

So last month, me & Sarah got contact from our acquaintance, Riva, told me that there is a project for us. Long story short, it was not a project, but an opportunity of a long shot fintech startup that proposed by his colleague, who is a hardworking bank marketer/stockbrokers in CIMB. He told us that he longed for running his own business and tired to working for big corporate. He even pull his brother, who also a banker in CIMB with great experience in Backend Development. Fyi, Riva was also one of the best financial analyst in CIMB, who resigned his job for months ago, also looking to run a business.

So yeah, It was like the world wanted us to really execute this plan. Fuckin’ A!

Our’s First Perseroan Terbatas

I had mine in 2013. It was actually a brilliant team and perfect business plan at that time. The name’s Mahakam, and we were going to build exactly like Bukalapak & Tokopedia. If we could make it happen at that time, we could rivaled these big companies.

But It didn’t work. Out team was separated between continent (literally), there were too much founders (8 people), there was not real leader and field executor because every one seems to consider this as a side dish. Proactively, I’m still thinking that I’m who responsible of this failure, because If I force my self to learn to code at that time, and I put my self in full time position, I probably could save the company.

This time, Sarah got her first slice of a real company share. I just want to make sure that this time, the company would grow as big as possible, not like the one before, prematurely disbanded.

Lost my words lol. Time to sleep.