Log 012. This documentation process is starting to be enjoyable (Maybe because of the music, lol)

Anyway, last night I just texted my sister in Frankfurt, just wanna know if she’s already started to learn programming (She said she is interested with programming, not because I said her to do so :3 ). She hasn’t. Then I told her about my day.

Me: “You know what? I just realized today I just got 3 deals on projects, done 3 revisions, Posted 2 blogs, bizdeving here and there, and crossed tons of todolist that has been hanging in my Trello. What a good day.”
My Sis: “That was productive as fuck dude.”
Me: “Yep, you should try it. It’s delicious. Not to mention, I’m losing more than 10 pound in the last 4 weeks.”
My Sis: “Teach me you secret, master!”
Me: “The way to do it is actually do it instead of asking ‘teach me how to do it’.”
My Sis: “Yeah, but I don’t know what i have to do…..”
Me: “Ooo I know you know what to do. Start learning theodinproject, start studying for your collage, putting content on Instagram as you used to do, start the fuckin’ DIET, keep notes on what you eat daily, start learn to write stuff because you said you like it….. I’m not even half-through yet….”

And so on.

Yep, We all know what to do with our life. Come on, It is 2017, If you don’t know how to google shit to sort things out, fuck you. Start crushing it already! Because I believe we do not want to regret what we did NOT do. I personally don’t want to keep saying “I wish i did that… I wish i did that… I wish i did that…”, when I’m 50 something years old. That’s just the worst thing that can happen in a man’s life.

Me today got a meeting coming on, an website to developed, probably revision (if my clients starts nagging lol), and of course bizdev time for Waruga. I think I can make another post later in the night to sum up the day.

Believe me, being productive is dope as fuck, my friend.