As always, cue da music first!

Sarah and I have just finished the new site of our web development service called “Waruga”. It’s been effective for less than 4 months but already had a pretty good start with a lot of clients from different cities using our services.

We decided to upgrade the services for couple months ago and just able to started doing it like few weeks ago. We hope it’s gonna be a dope services for incoming people who do what they love 😀

Waruga New Site
Waruga New Site

It was pretty big changes on design-, product-, marketing-, and presentation wise because we had a lot of input from our previous run. And it takes 3 weeks to made it all. We did it, but not fast enough in our scale.

What’s the problem?

As always it’s every maker/designer/coder/entrepreneur problem. Perfectionism.


I’m actually fully aware the perils of being perfectionist, but it still got me from time to time. Seem stupid right? When you aware of something, you should be able to do/not do it, right?

Well that my friend is not necessarily true when the problem is the habit that’ve been taught years onto us. It actually been a thought which passed on my mind often but Its been clarified by a TED talk video. It’s actually funnier than I thought it would be, yet mind boggling at the same time.

Yes It’s about creativity, but I do believe that make a mistake once in a while is a big part of being creative. There is no fucking way we can make something right every single fucking time. Mistake is the universal mentor of Creativity. Without it, there is only a pale monochromatic right and wrong.

There is also a privilege of being young. Time.
Even thought we made a mistake for a whole year, we’re still gonna wake up young. And not being perfectionist is a steroid for the abundant time we have. It opens a grand possibility of creative works that you want to do without minding what’s right and wrong. Unless you are a judge dredd 😀

Judge Dredd (for mention sake)

So yeah, for the love of god, be Real.