Time for Self Reflection

This is actually for personal matter, but I hope someone can take some benefits from my self reflection. As always, cue da music! Lots of stress, conflict on relationships, uncontrolled tempers, sleepless nights, overdue projects, nagging clients, rainy weather, unknown anxieties, distraction distraction and more distraction. That were pretty much…
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We are Pirates on Millennium Age.

Cue on da music! (Yes, this is Beatles remix. Good shit, right?) Making derivative product from the original one (like remix above) is usually adding more value on top of the original stuff. Me my self is a fan of remix tracks (check on my soundcloud playlist šŸ˜‰ ). Civilized-ly,…
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Show Your Work!

Show your Work
Fuck me! I’m actually writing blog again xD. It’s been a while (if 4 years is counted as a while) when I was posting my thought on random stuff online. I remember I posted a noteĀ about ‘corrupt government’ (who does not?) on FacebookĀ back then when I graduated from high school,…
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